Local schools introduce new program to students


Linnie Roberts Elementary, along with Tenie Holmes Elementary, have introduced a new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) program at their campuses this school year. Amy Hudson is the STEAM teacher at Linnie Roberts, and has begun the school year with her students by engaging them in activities that promote an understanding of teamwork, communication, the scientific process, and critical thinking for problem-solving.

Recently, students worked in pairs with sour ‘gummy’ worms in a lesson to ‘Save Sam,’ the worm. The students’ materials were two gummy worms, one clear plastic cup, and two paper clips. The experiment began with the plastic cup flipped upside down on the table, with one worm under the cup and one on top of the cup.

The scenario presented was that Sam’s boat had flipped upside down, and he needed a life preserver because he didn’t know how to swim. The mission was to SAVE SAM.

Students could not use their hands to touch Sam, the boat, or the life preserver (which was the second gummy worm). They could only use the paper clips provided to them to save Sam. They had to retrieve the ‘life preserver’ from under the boat, secure Sam in the life preserver, and finally put him back on top of his boat – all while only using two paper clips!

“The students did a great job with teamwork, communication, and acting as scientists to solve the problem. I was impressed,” Hudson said.

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