Van Vleck Junior High vs Bloomington Bobcats


On October 31, 2019, the Van Vleck JH football team traveled to Bloomington to take on the Bobcats at Bobcat Stadium.  

For the 7th grade, they opened up with the opening kickoff with Corey Austin returning the ball 45 yards to Bloomington’s 21 yard line.  On the first play, the Leopards scored on a Miach Burks 21 yard TD run to make it 6-0.  Then the Leopards scored on their 2-point conversion, on a 3 yard run from Corey Austin, to make it 8-0.  Then Bloomington control of the rest of the first quarter and continued into the second, until the defense took control and stopped the Bobcats on their 30 yard line.  Then on the next offensive play, Corey Austin took the hand off and scored on a 70 yard TD run, to make it 14-0 and Corey Austin continued with a 3 yard run on the 2-point conversion to make it 16-0.  Right before half time, the Leopards on Miach Burks 35 yard TD run to take a commanding lead 22-0, with Carmelo Bell scoring on a 2-point conversion, making the score 24-0.  In the second half, the Leopards only got the ball one more time but made it count as Daiten Garza finished the scoring on an 11 yard TD pass from Wade Hutson to make it 30-0.  Then Jonathan Garza score on a 3 yard run for the 2-point conversion to make it 32-0.  The Leopards defense continued their dominance and to shut down the Bobcats offensive.  Leading the way on the defense side of the ball were, Jonathan Garza, Carmello Bell, and Daiten Garza to help for their first shutout and first win of the season.

The 8th grade team wanted to make a statement and made it right away on defense, when Reagan Thompson intercepted the Bloomington pass and returned it for 10 yards, but with the offense not capitalizing on the turnover, they had to punt the ball away.  Then on the next defense series, Gaven Ros intercepted another Bloomington pass and returned it 20 yards.  The Leopard offense woke up marching the ball down the field behind Gaven Ros and Brett Noster runs.  Then Gaven Ros scored on an 8 yard TD run to make it 6-0 with the 2-point conversion no good.   With another defensive stance, the Leopards took over on offense again and marched the ball down and scored on a Brett Noster 8 yard TD run to make it 12-0, with the 2-point conversion no good and took the 12-0 lead into halftime.  With the Leopards taking the opening possession, in the 3rd quarter, scoring on a 45 yard TD run and a 2-point conversion good all by Brett Noster, making the score 20-0.  With a great defensive stance the Leopards took over on their own 15 yard line.  With a 3rd down and long Gaven Ros connected with Brett Noster on a 65 yard pass.  Then Gaven Ros scored on a 20 yard TD run to make it 26-0.  Then Bloomington offense took advantage of missed tackles and marched down and scored a TD and a 2-point conversion to make it 26-8. Then on the Leopards next possession, Brett Noster scored on a 52 yard TD run to make it 32-8.  The Leopards had over 400 yards of rushing behind Gaven Ros and Brett Noster.  

The next game for the Leopards will next Thursday, November 8, 2019, will be at Burl McKinney Stadium against Danbury Panthers.  Start time will be at 4:30. 

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