Embrace your ‘Tribe’ in life


Along with the family we were born and raised with, opportunities present themselves to meet, recognize and settle into relationships with folks we may consider our “tribe.”  In no way does this diminish your family relationships; on the contrary, socializing with our tribe allows us to renew, restore and reconnect to our true selves with individuals not sharing our genetic coding.  

It’s common in family relationships to fall into our specific “roles” within the family dynamic.  It’s our family identity, not necessarily chosen personally, but assigned to us by our father and mother or older siblings.  Shifting in and out of family roles is not for the light-hearted.  When you exercise your desire to step out of your role and attempt stepping into another family member’s role, you may be observed by your family as “losing your mind.” (I speak from experience!)

Finding your tribe happens naturally, like sliding your foot into a comfortable shoe.  You just know you’re a good fit with individuals that allow you to be yourself and you, in turn, reciprocate and embrace your friends for their true selves.  Both relationships serve a purpose.  

Our family relationship, good or bad, was our guiding principle throughout our formative years.  In our youth and adulthood, we searched out our tribe during high school, college and eventually in our career paths.  Individuals may come and go in our select group, but the core values of the tribe remain the same: acceptance, loyalty, trustworthiness and honesty.  

Thought provoking questions in an unconditional, loving atmosphere can challenge us to be honest with ourselves without the judgment found in family environments.  The sense of belonging and sameness within the tribe are priceless in their ability to aid in balancing all our other relationships.


  Karen Restivo is a Life & Communication Coach and owner of SerenityMatagorda Isle. You can learn more about Karen by visiting her online at SerenityMatagorda.com or emailing her at karen@serenitymatagorda.com

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