Constable Bill Orton

Constable Bill Orton

JPCA honors Orton as Constable of the Year


Matagorda County Precinct 6 Constable Bill Orton was recently selected as Constable of the Year for the Justices of the Peace and Constables Association. 

The Justices of the Peace and Constables Association of Texas is the largest association of elected officials in the State of Texas.  This association is very strong in the legislature.  JPCA has enjoyed a stellar reputation at the State Capital and continues to develop relationships with state representatives to protect and advocate for the interests in justices of the peace, constables, and court clerks. This year the prestigious association celebrated 75 years in existence.  

JPCA has been involved in providing high quality education since 1958.  JPCA receives a grant from the court of appeals to provide education.  JPCA employs the Texas Justice Court Training Center to provide the education.  

Members of the JPCA are nominated by a member or members and the awards committee selects the recipients. 

The following is the nomination of Orton for the honor.

“Constable Orton has taken his office to an entire new level, particularly in Matagorda County. After being elected, Orton only had himself and no deputies.  Since that time, he has worked with Commissioner’s Court during budget times and has expanded his office to include five part-time deputies to assist him. 

“Since this nomination, he now has 10 part-time deputies, an historic event for Matagorda County.  He ensures that all his deputies are educated by the Texas Justice Court Training Center. 

“Constable Orton began serving all of Pct. 6 civil process and as his office grew he now serves Pct. 2 and serves papers for the county attorney’s office when requested. His office currently serves the Directives to Seize License Plates from the Matagorda County Tax Office for when an individual writes a hot check for vehicle registration.   

“Constable Orton oversees the security system at the Matagorda County Courthouse and also serves as the District Judge’s bailiff. Upon election, Bill took the courthouse security system to an entire new level. He had installed a state of the art security system in the courthouse and has used that system on numerous occasions to help other law enforcement agencies with criminal investigations. 

“Further, Orton contacted the Bay City Municipal Court and got excellent pricing benefits for both the city and the county by putting in a new security system in both the county and the city. One might call these “panic buttons,” however, they are a whole different level of security.  

“These buttons are placed at different places in county and city offices and an alert immediately goes over law enforcement radios, state, city and county, for officer needed in a particular office, i.e. “Bay City Municipal Courtroom.” Nothing is heard inside the building by the perpetrator. 

“Constable Orton also assisted in helping school districts and churches in Matagorda County look at new options for security measures to better protect their facilities and attendees. 

“Constable Orton was instrumental in working with his Commissioner in upgrading his precinct with equipment needed for beach patrol and traffic in his area. Orton also extended an offer to assist in patrols to Pct. 2 for weekend traffic in Matagorda. Orton also assisted in helping three of the other constable offices in Matagorda County obtain patrol vehicles for their office. 

“Every holiday weekend from Easter until Labor Day, you can find Bill Orton, Constable Precinct 6, patrolling the recreational waters of Sargent – Matagorda County’s sleepy little coastal village that comes to life each weekend of the spring and summertime.” – a quote from the voters in precinct 6. 

“Constable Orton is a certified MSEO (Marine Safety Enforcement Officer) and has been serving in that capacity since 2001, prior to being elected.  He also had taught Boaters Education for 10 years. Orton has been in law enforcement for over 24 years with over 22 years of that serving the citizens of Matagorda County. 

“During Hurricane Harvey, Orton worked very closely with State Representative/Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen relaying information to better serve his county, not just Pct. 6.  He enhanced Rep. Bonnen’s ability to help Matagorda and Brazoria County.  

“Bill Orton is a member of the Texas Justice Court Training Center Constable’s Education Committee.  

“Bill was instrumental in HB 1548 which relates to the operation of golf carts, neighborhood electric vehicles and off highway vehicles, including UTV’s for the safety in his community and entire county. He testified before the House Transportation Committee.”

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