Community needs to support CASA now


There are more than 100 Matagorda County children age birth to 17 that are in the state’s foster care program.

These children have been removed from their home after it has been deemed no longer safe due to abuse or neglect. At that time, a judge appoints a committed volunteer or CASA to advocate for the best interests of the child or youth.

Unfortunately, there are not enough advocates for these children available in Matagorda County.

 “We represent these children in court,” said Marian Bullard, recruiter and trainer for CASA serving Brazoria, Matagorda and Wharton counties. “We meet with these children and we are their eyes, ears and their voice in court. We want to speak to what the child wants and use our best judgment for what is best for the child.

“We meet with the judge and we give them an opinion of what is best,” Bullard said. “Our opinion is extremely important to the judge.”

Bullard and CASA are in dire need of volunteers to step up and take an active role in these children’s future by becoming CASAs. 

These advocates spend a significant time getting to know the child and gain his or her trust. They work to determine the thoughts and feelings of the child and seek solutions to achieve resolution of problems and to foster positive steps toward achieving permanency.

All advocates or CASAs are volunteers and receive no monetary or material compensation. The reward comes from helping a child find a happy, safe home — helping to make a difference in a child’s life.

In becoming a CASA, volunteers are committing to just four hours a month and those four hours can make a huge difference in these children’s for the rest of their lives.

Take time in this season of giving to consider giving of your time to become a CASA. 


Managing Editor

Jimmy Galvan 

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