Bay City approves Odefey as city attorney


Bay City Council approved the appointment of Ann Marie Odefey and her firm Roberts, Odefey, Witte and Wall, LLP as the city’s new attorney during a special meeting Thursday, Oct 4. Odefey has been in government practice for more than 20 years.

The appointment comes on the heels of the resignation of the Kirwin Law Firm, PLLC and the Nichols Firm, LLC, as city attorneys for the city of Bay City.


“We have five attorneys in our office and we have a large government practice,” Odefey said. “We are large but not too large that we can’t handle Bay City. We are not a large municipal firm and with everybody that we represent we believe that brings a lot of people to the table.”

The firm’s office is located in Port Lavaca, which Odefey pointed out is 50 miles away.

“It is not a difficult drive and I can come by anytime that I am needed,” Odefey said. “We would love to become your city attorneys.”

Chrystal Folse questioned Odefey if she was aware of the pending lawsuit against Bay City and Odefey said she was aware of it. She was questioned whether she would handle the lawsuit.

“I would have to look at it and see where we are in the process,” Odefey said about taking over the legal aspect of the lawsuit. “I would like to see if there is anyway to resolve it.”

“I am a proponent of teamwork and if we have the same goal, then there shouldn’t be any conflict,” Odefey said. “I believe this is my area of practice that I want to continue in. In my interview, I pointed out that I do a lot of bench trial and not jury trials.”

Council member Julie Estlinbaum praised Bay City Mayor Mark Bricker for getting a replacement in place so quickly. 

“The top two candidates scored roughly the same,” said Bay City Mayor Mark Bricker. “I was able to meet with yesterday and they are here today.”

Council member Bill Cornman said he had Odefey and her firm at the top of his rating sheet as he was able to participate in the interview process of the candidates. 

“I liked this firm because these people only represent small cities like us,” Cornman said. “When you do an interview, it is only a 45 minute snapshot and we had an in house reference in Bay City Financial Director Scotty Jones and that made a big difference with me. She had a lot of positive things to say about them.”

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