BCCDC to take look at area housing needs


The second in a series of articles on the Bay City Community Development Corporation’s (BCCDC) goals focuses on water, wastewater, street infrastructure, and housing needs in Bay City.

The initiatives for this goal include a regional drainage plan, continuing with housing incentives already in place, the development of a new subdivision, addressing the train switching area, and reopening and completing Nile Valley Road.

This goal has several different parts, all of which work together to meet the growing needs of the community.

“The first step toward addressing housing is to have an independent study done to assess the demand and potential of all types of housing in Bay City,” said Jessica Russell, BCCDC executive director.

The study will include the types of housing needed such as single-family and multifamily homes and the achievable price ranges for those homes.

“Having attractive housing choices in the desired price range is critical to enticing new businesses to Bay City,” said Russell. “Employers look for locations that have adequate housing for their workforce.”

Nile Valley Road is on the radar when it comes to street infrastructure. The long-idle Nile Valley Road is part of several of the BCCDC’s short- and long-term goals.

“We understand the need and desire to have Nile Valley Road opened and completed,” said Julie Estlinbaum, BCCDC President. “We plan to join forces with the city and county to move this project forward.” A subcommittee has been formed to help decide the best way to proceed with reopening the road.

Regional drainage, another emerging issue, has come to the forefront for the Board. “We know new development will need drainage options when they look to build in Bay City- that’s why we want to work with the Drainage District and City staff to address these needs. Growth in an inevitable and welcome addition to Bay City- one that secures our residents quality of life as well as quality of place. We want Bay City to continue to grow by attracting former graduates and new entrepreneurs while maintaining and growing our existing businesses  “ said Estlinbaum.

Increasing housing options and the infrastructure needed for expansion will help encourage more employees of Bay City and Matagorda County businesses and industries to live in the city limits, giving a boost to the local economy and retention of existing businesses.

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