Summer Camp Fun

City’s summer camps set to begin


This summer the Bay City Parks and Recreation program will be hosting a Summer Camp Fun from July 8-12, then again July 15-19. This camp takes place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is for children 13 to 17 years of age. 

The camp session from July 8-12 will be held at Riverside Park and the camp session from July 15-19 will be held at the Train Depot in Bay City. 

This is the first summer that the Bay City Parks and Recreation program is bringing these camps back since 2014. During the month of June there was a previous summer camp held for children ages eight to 12. 

This camp session included activities such as fishing, outdoor games, wilderness hikes, trees, and how to pitch a tent. The upcoming camp session titled The Great Outdoors will feature activities such as hunting, fishing, learning information about the river, plants, trees, and bugs found in and around our area. 

Bay City Parks and Recreation Supervisor Kelly Penewitt said, “The children will also learn how to shoot a bow and arrow at a target, not animals.” 

The attendees are expected to bring their own sustenance but on the last day of The Great Outdoors session there will be an activity that teaches how to prepare a meal on an outdoor cook stove. 

The session titled Know Your City – Bay City 101 will include activities that explain what the mayor does, how the city runs, and learning about the city council. This session will be mostly indoors. 

To register for the upcoming summer camp sessions, visit the Municipal Services Building, 1217 Avenue J.

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