Grimes: Hard to recognize June

Guide Mike Segall’s party found heavy trout near Freeport this week. (Photo by Bink Grimes)

Grimes: Hard to recognize June

It just keeps getting hotter and hotter.

I am about convinced we will not have a June this year - it looks like we will have two months of July.

Wading has been the best way to beat the heat. Sand and grass shorelines along West Matagorda Bay have held scattered catches of trout on topwaters and soft plastics. Live croakers have afforded a more consistent bite, which is normally the case this time of year.

In Port O’Connor, the topwater bite has been good, but again, live bait has been the best bet with the heat. Waders are working flats next to Pass Cavallo where the best tidal flow occurs. Sand and grass flats in San Antonio and Espiritu Santo bays are holding good trout, too. Fish slicking on the shorelines has helped waders locate schools of trout.

The east end of East Matagorda Bay has coughed up some good trout. It’s a muddy wade on the east end of the bay, but that mud is a few degrees cooler in the heat of the summer and trout like it. Tides pumped up this week with the low-pressure system in Gulf. That’s the water we have been waiting on for the past three months.

The Rockport and Port Aransas game continues to be working the sand and grass shorelines with croakers. That’s not to say you can’t catch good trout on topwaters and Corkies. Artificial aficionados have been keeping a tight lip but trout to eight pounds have been caught on the right tide.

Since most of Texas hasn’t seen much rainfall in the past six months, all the rivers dumping in to the bays are full of trout. The San Bernard near Freeport, Colorado in Matagorda and Lavaca rivers near Port Lavaca are holding solid fish while trolling with soft plastics and topwaters. And, all these rivers can be fished in the stiffest winds.

Redfish have been tougher to pattern.

Guide Lynn Smith of Port O’Connor said he has had a hard time finding slot-sized keeper redfish. He said most of the reds he has been catching while wading in the bay have been bull redfish that mangle topwaters treble hooks and burn light-tackle drags.

Lots of bull redfish are being caught at the Port O jetty on finger mullet and crabs while drifting baits in 35 feet of water around Bird Island. The same holds true at the Freeport and Surfside jetty.

In West Matagorda Bay, the north shoreline has held good schools of redfish as small brown shrimp pour out of the marsh and flood the grassy shorelines. Many of the fish have been in the 6-9 pound range and best on a live shrimp under a Mid-Coast popping cork.

Until the feds red snapper season, snapper will be the target of most offshore anglers.

It has been rough at times, but Freeport guide Mike Segall has had nice snapper to 18 pounds over wrecks and structure on sardines. The Matagorda and Port O’Connor game has been the same, but rough waters have kept many anglers pinned to the dock.

There are still a lot of kingfish being caught within four miles of the beach over reefs on divers and sardines. The boys in Port Aransas are getting their kings pretty easy on ballyhoo and sardines.

When it has been too rough, many captains are working close to the jetty for lots of sharks and a few kings; and, late in the afternoon tarpon have been showing along the rocks as well.

The calendar may say June, but it has been anything but June.


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