Event raises funds for substance abuse in county

Prodigals Redeemed MC made the ride out from Houston to support Bay City Recovery’s fundraiser on Saturday, March 30. Also in attendance as supporters of the organization, the King Jesus Riders MC. Pictured from left: Jose Tovar, Debbie Ojeda, Martin Zamora, Jonnie Montalbo, Chuck Keen, John Ojeda and Bill Stevens.

Event raises funds for substance abuse in county


Local volunteers rallied together to help Bay City Recovery raise money during their fundraiser on Saturday, March 30.

The event featured chicken spaghetti plates, a live auction and special guest speaker.

Faithful supporters Prodigals Redeemed, MC from Houston made the trip to Bay City for the event.

Special guest speaker Prodigals Redeemed MC President John Ojeda gave an inspiring true account of how his life changed after making a connection with God and learning how to live without drugs.

All proceeds from the day’s event go towards providing recovery resources to those seeking assistance for substance abuse in Matagorda County.

Bay City Recovery is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is located at 2908 Rugeley, the City’s former Community Park Building right next to Joe Davis Field.

The organization is not funded by any federal grants or state funded programs.

Bay City Recovery is currently being sustained by the generosity of individual community members, organizations and churches.

For more info or to make a monetary donation contact Jonnie Montalbo at baycityrecovery@yahoo.com, or (979) 479-5055.

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