County Service Fair to spotlight local aid and assistance


In Matagorda County, there are a multitude of organizations, agencies, and houses of worship which provide low, or no, cost services to residents in need.  These are public and private enterprises which assertively address such matters as hunger, health and wellness, youth sports, education and literacy, pregnancy/child rearing, homelessness, domestic crisis, public safety, the arts, employment, business development, natural resources conservation and environmental protection, veterans’ well-being, and many, many more issues.

Yet, it appears that many of these invaluable ventures are poorly understood and thus are under-appreciated and/or under-utilized by the community-at-large.  So, the First United Methodist Church of Bay City (FUMC-BC) felt there was a growing need, for those generously providing priceless resident services, to formally share information and ideas in a structured fashion.  Hopefully, this enlightening forum would assertively promote both home based understanding, and community support.  They believe this should ultimately lead to enhanced client access to these uplifting programs and projects.  

In response, FUMC-BC developed and is hosting a special secular event which has the three community-focused objectives.   These are:

1. To introduce prospective clients to the diversity of services offered locally and how they might readily access those of perceived benefit;

2. To introduce prospective volunteers and resources contributors to the variety of service providers in our back yard, so they might consider how they could ‘tangibly’ support those that firmly grab their interest or invite their involvement (e.g., volunteering, financially aiding, promoting, etc.); and,

3. To better acquaint those within our county’s service community with one another, in anticipation those with complementary objectives might eagerly engage in cooperation and/or collaboration which subsequently yields mutually-felt advantages to each party and their clients.

The event’s planners envision satisfactorily meeting these objectives by inviting each established service provider, operating in our county, to man an inviting information table.   Plus, each one will be asked to give a brief, 2-3 minute, overview of citizens whom they serve in our corner of Texas and how their prospective clients, volunteers or donors can productively involve themselves in their operations.

So, the second annual Matagorda County Service Fair will take place from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Feb 17 at the USO Building on Avenue ‘M’ in Bay City (formerly known as the Service Center).  Those seeking information on available services (i.e., prospective clients, volunteers and donors) are welcome to attend, free of charge, on an informal come-and-go basis.

Any not-for-profit or non-profit program or project in our county that offers low, or no, cost aid, assistance or life-enriching programs (e.g., sports or education initiatives) may enroll, at no charge, and enthusiastically promote the operation of their particular enterprise at the fair.  To register as a community-invested service provider, simply contact one of the fair’s co-chairs.  Call Jo Halbert at 979-479-1211 or email Willie Younger at

In addition, the event’s sponsors are seeking individuals to serve on an ad hoc planning team.  This assembly of community leaders would be tasked with making this year’s fair, and those to come, an integral part of grassroots efforts to meet the mounting needs of Matagorda County’s residents.  Anyone wishing to join in this concerted effort to enhance and/or expand this Service Fair, and its potential impacts, is cordially encouraged to contact the event’s co-chairpersons to express their interest in becoming involved.

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