Council outlines plan for May vote


Bay City council took another step closer towards including the city manager position on the May, 5, 2019 ballot during Thursday’s council meeting.

Council member Bill Cornman presented a timetable plan in order for the city to get the proposition on the May ballot. The plan was worked on by Cornman and fellow council member Jason Childers.

“We have worked on the key elements of the plan,” Cornman said. “We are targeting the May 5 election so we have to have it completed and done by Feb. 5. We need to take a look at what we have done so far on fixing the charter, fix the errors we have and then work on the city manager verbiage into the charter.”

Cornman stressed this is a time for education and research on the issue and that all of council needs to be involved with this measure.

Cornman pointed out the only issue that could stand in the way is the pending lawsuit against the city. 

“If that is still hanging around, then we will have to put this on the shelf,” Cornman said. 

Cornman said if the measure goes forward, town hall meetings would have to be scheduled to educate the voters on the issues at hand on the May ballot. 

Council members agreed to meet Tuesday, Oct. 9 from 4-6 p.m. to begin discussions on the project. 

“This is going to take everybody working on it,” Childers said. “We have to do our homework and try to fix the charter.”

Bay City Mayor Mark Bricker offered no comment on the issue.

In other action, council approved changes to the Bay City’s curfew ordinance. Those changes include raising the age for the curfew from 15 to 16 and change the wording on the penalty for offenses to not exceed $500 per offense.

Council also approved a policy manual related to the operations of the Bay City Library as well as approved the adoption of a fee ordinance, setting a schedule of fees for the city of Bay City.

Council also approved a measure granting the Bay City Chamber of Commerce permission to host a mural contest for a mural rendering on the east-side wall of the Bay City Civic Center.

Bay City Chamber of Commerce Chairman Aldo Capristo said the contest would allow Bay City ISD art students the opportunity to “show off their art skills.”

The city agreed to pay for the costs of the paint used for the project.

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