BCHA to host Community Unity Fun Day


When LaWanda Davis stepped in as executive director for the Bay City Housing Authority, she knew that changes would have to be made to the program.

After meeting with the board of directors, one area that the BCHA wanted to address was its involvement with the community.

In keeping with that directive, the Bay City Housing Authority will host a Community Unity Fun Day at its South Park Homes Community Thursday, July 11 starting at 4 p.m.

The event will include fun, food and games and parents are asked to supervise their children at the event. 

“We are ready to kick off this summer with fun and excitement,” Davis said. “Our Live Oak Community will also be a part of the Community Fun Day.”

Davis said both properties would meet at the South Park Homes property.

Davis said the goals set forth by the board of directors will make a huge difference in changing the atmosphere around the Bay City Housing Authority and how the public sees it.

“We are finally starting to see some of these goals finally come to fruition,” Davis said. “The board and our staff got together and found some areas that needed improvement in our community. We looked for what might be the greatest needs in our community right now. 

“It was a process and evaluation on some needs that have not taken place in the community,” Davis said. “We want to get the community more involved with its own community as well as educating our community. We are also working on bringing down some barriers that our population faces.”

Davis wants to see the Bay City Housing Authority become a vibrant part of this community and lending assistance to those who need it within the community.

“My motto is helping one family at a time and making Bay City great again,” Davis said. “In order for us to build community, we cannot be divided. Most important thing for us is the population that we serve. It is not about who is right but what is right.

“If the people in the community want to know what is going on with the Bay City Housing Authority, then they should be out here today,” Davis said. “If they want to see what we are doing on a positive note, then they should have been out here today. When you do this, you have to do this with a mindset that it can be done. This staff is kicking in doors. If we have a barrier, we stand back, evaluate it and see how we can go around or through the barrier.” 

Davis said while all of these goals are attainable; the BCHA is right now in the evaluation stage of this process as well. 

“We are in the evaluating stages right and we are seeing what is going to work and what is not going to work,” Davis said. “By the end of the summer, we should be able to see the statistics of it and see what has worked and what didn’t work as well.”

Anyone with questions concerning the Community Fun Day is urged to contact Jade at 979-245-2652 ext. 100 for any further information.

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