Historic Honor

Members of the Matagorda County Historical Commission accept its statewide honor from the county’s commissioner’s court during a recent meeting. (Photo by Jimmy Galvan)

Historic Honor

MCHC gains statewide recognition once again


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” — George Santajana.


Once again, the Matagorda County Historical Commission (CHC) has been honored statewide for its service to this community’s historical past during 2018.

The Matagorda County Historical Commission was recognized during a recent meeting of the Matagorda County Commissioner’s Court after the Texas Historical Commission bestowed another honor on the CHC.

“This is a recognition that our Matagorda County Historic Commission gets on a regular basis,” said Matagorda County Judge Nate McDonald. “This is the fifth time we have received this honor in recent times.

“This county depends on your work to preserve our history,” McDonald said. “Other counties don’t remember where they have come from and it is important that we remember that for our future generations.”

The Texas Historical Commission (THC) gives this award to CHC’s that document well-rounded preservation programs and efforts in annual reports submitted to the state office. The preservation and history-related efforts made by the CHC are considered to be above average relative to other CHCs across Texas.

Ona Lee Pierce, with the Matagorda County Historical Commission, said the honor is spread out to all the members of the commission for their work and service in preserving the history of Matagorda County for future generations.

“All of this is not possible without the county and our volunteers help,” Pierce said. “We appreciate what the county does for us and the list just goes on and on for those that help us out during the year.

“We have a very historic county,” Pierce said. “Our history is here and we just have to keep it going for future generations to remember it.”

Texas THCs provided more than 447,000 volunteer hours in 2018, which is an in-kind donation to the state valued at more than $11 million. The THC assists more than 200 CHC’s through programs and services that preserve Texas’ heritage for the education, enjoyment and economic benefit of present and future generations.

“The Distinguished Service Award honors County Historical Commissions that go above and beyond to protect and promote local historic and cultural resources. They are essential to our agency’s efforts to save the real placed that tell the real stories of Texas,” said THC Executive Director Mark Wolfe. “The Texas Historical Commission presents this Distinguished Service Award to the Matagorda County Historical Commission to honor its efforts to preserve the Lone Star State’s unique heritage.”

The THC’s advisory role to CHCs is outlined in the Texas Local Government Code, the statute that enables county commissioners’ courts to establish THCs. The volunteer appointees, as directed by county officials, initiate and conduct programs that preserve the historic and cultural resources of Texas.

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