Re-count complete, McDonald officially wins re-election


The recount in the Matagorda County Judge’s race is in the books and Nate McDonald has officially been declared the winner in his race with Republican challenger Charles Wright.

The recount was completed Nov. 21.

After a manual count of mail ballots only, McDonald received 432 votes to Wright’s 307 votes.

When provisional ballots were counted Nov. 14 by the Matagorda County Clerk’s office, McDonald increased his winning margin by 61 votes as opposed to the 58-vote differential reported on election night.

When all the provisional votes were tallied up and counted, McDonald earned 5,285 votes or 50.29 percent of the vote to Wright’s 5,224 votes or 49.71 percent of the vote.

On Election Day, McDonald outlasted Wright by three votes by a count of 1,884 to 1,881.

“I was pleased that I ended up on the top end of the count,” McDonald said. “I expected a close race. I didn’t think it would be that close, but I expected it to be close.”

McDonald said he wants to put the election behind him and focus on working for the citizens of Matagorda County.

“I just want to continue to move our county forward,” McDonald said. “I want to continue to provide a robust set of services for the citizens of Matagorda County and to hold the line on the county tax rate. I want to be able to create another good round for our citizens to have opportunities here.”

McDonald said it is also important to continue to work on the medical offerings in the county. 

“I want to continue to work with the hospital board to provide exceptional medical service here in the county as we continue to build out the Matagorda County Regional Medical Center,” McDonald said. “That is very important to me.”

McDonald said he also wants to continue to see the county’s emergency services continue to grow.

“I am committed to continue to support our emergency personnel both personally and professionally,” McDonald said. “These are the things that I have done and will continue to do as county judge.”

McDonald is well aware of the political unrest that has permeated throughout this country but he knows Matagorda County will be a shining example of people pulling together for one common goal. 

“For me this was an election in which there is a lot of angst around the county,” McDonald said. “Our goal is to work for and with a civil and respectful county and I know these election results will reaffirm my belief in the goodness of Matagorda County. I believe we are a respectful and civil county and we love one and another here and work well with one another and I am committed to work for and with every citizen in this county.”

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