High speed chase leads to arrest of Houston man


Matagorda County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Houston man after a high-speed chase that was wanted by the Texas Pardens and Paroles.

Deputies arrested Cristobal Orozco, 55, after a two-mile chase Saturday, Nov. 10 at 5:59 a.m.

Deputy Tyler Garza was on routine patrol traveling westbound on SH 35 near FM 1728 when he observed a vehicle pass him at a high rate of speed. Garza turned on his overhead lights and tried to stop the speeding vehicle.

Garza was able to catch up with Orozco and stop his vehicle on SH 35 near the Sugar Valley RV Park. Orozco slowed his vehicle at first but refused to stop. When another county vehicle showed up on the scene, Orozco stopped in vehicle at SH 35 and Spanish Bit. 

Orozco allegedly refused to turn off his vehicle. Deputies drew their weapons and approached the vehicle ordering Orozco to roll down the window of his vehicle or open the door that he refused to do. Orozco remained seated in his vehicle with his left hand on the steering wheel and his right hand on the passenger’s seat.

Garza was able to make eye contact with Orozco, which at time began spitting into the vehicle but still refused to speak with deputies. EMS was dispatched to the location after deputies realized they would have to break the windows of the vehicle to enter it.

Deputies asked Orozco to comply one more time before the passenger window was broken and deputies were able to unlock the doors and entered the vehicle and removed Orozco from the vehicle.  

Orozco was transported to the Matagorda County Jail.

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