Rhonda Seth

Rhonda Seth

Seth challenges Bonnen to represent Brazoria, Matagorda counties


Rhonda Seth, an ER nurse and lifelong Brazoria County resident, has entered the 2020 Republican primary to challenge 11-term representative Dennis Bonnen.

Seth said in a statement, “Recently, Dennis Bonnen said on social media that more women need to put their names on the ballot. To him, I say, ‘Challenge accepted.’

“He’s also made several other statements lately, including praise for the possibility of an El Paso Democrat who might be Speaker of the Texas House, should Texas turn blue,” Seth said. “Statements like that are exactly how you turn Texas blue, and don’t represent the sentiments of this Republican district.

Seth grew up in Angleton and graduated in 1995 as the senior class president. Although her mother recently passed away, her father still resides in her childhood home.

After graduating from Brazosport College, Seth ran a small business and later put herself through nursing school, which became her obvious calling in life. As an ER nurse, she sees much of what is wrong with our society and our health care system. Too often, government overreach and interference are to blame for both.

Seth describes herself as an independent conservative. Her strong principles and Texas values mean that she’s willing to stand alone to do what’s right. No one in the political establishment can move her from doing what’s best for her family and her fellow Texans.

“I suggest to my fellow Texans that perhaps Mr. Bonnen has spent too much time in Austin, and that it’s time to let him come home and reacquaint himself with those who live here,” Seth said. “Southeast Texas does not agree with Bonnen that Texas would be ‘very blessed’ if El Paso’s Joe Moody led the House. God forbid such a thing. The Democrat agenda would be destructive for Texas and Texas families. It’s a shame that Mr. Bonnen doesn’t agree with us.”

Seth is married with two young children and has no political ambitions. She reluctantly got into this race to provide Brazoria and Matagorda counties with better representation.

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