Widespread flooding targets area

More than 10 inches of rain blanket county, leaving many flooded


Bay City and Matagorda County have declared a state of disaster due to the widespread and severe damage caused by the June 4-5 catastrophic rainfall.

“For most of us we are in recovery mode, yesterday was a difficult day for us, we had wide spread heavy rain most of the morning hours. In some cases over 13 inches,” said Matagorda County Judge Nate McDonald. “But we have other areas in the county where we continue to watch rising water, please keep those people in your prayers.

“We have many homes and businesses that have sustained water damage, we have seen pictures and heard reports where most of the community just missed being damaged, the rains thankfully stopped just in time,” McDonald said on Thursday, June 6. “Now is the time to rally for our friends and neighbors.”

Pursuant to section 418.108 of the Texas Government Code, a local state of disaster has been declared for Matagorda County and shall continue for a period of not more than seven days from June 5 unless it is renewed by Matagorda County Commissioners Court for the county.

By declaring the local state of disaster, this activates the Matagorda County emergency management plan 

Bay City Mayor Pro-Tem Chrystal Folse signed the order determining that extraordinary measures must be taken to alleviate the suffering of people and to protect and rehabilitate property.

McDonald said the city and county are working together to collect data on the impacts of the flood to structures in the city and county. 

“In order to get the help they need we must understand who has been affected,” McDonald said. “We would like to encourage citizens and businesses to contact us if they had damage.”

McDonald said those that have suffered any flood damage and would like information contact the following offices:

For those in the city of Bay City contact:

City of Bay City Municipal Services 

Call: 979-323-1659 or stop by 1217 Ave J in Bay City.

For those who live in the county, contact the Matagorda County Environmental Health Department. 

Call 979-244-2717 or report it in person at 2200 7th Street, the County annex building on the1st Floor here in Bay City.

McDonald noted that there are still locations in the county that have high water conditions. 

The Tres Palacios River is in major flood stage as of 530 a.m. on Thursday, June 6 and had reached more than 31 feet. According to the gauges it looks like it has leveled out but the National Weather service thinks it could rise a few more inches. 

“If you live in that area please continue to watch the river and by all means stay safe,” McDonald said. 

The Caney Creek from Pledger to Sargent has experienced flooding and county officials believe it is at or near the crest, continue to watch the conditions to prevent harm to you or others.

“We had very heavy rains in Wharton County and Western Fort Bend County, this run-off will impact Matagorda County, please don’t forget the people in other areas that are going through difficult times,” McDonald said. “As we reported Wednesday evening, the commissioners and their crews are out in force making sure the roads and bridges are safe.”

Matagorda County Commissioner Kent Pollard reported that Cottonwood Creek in his precinct is high, but receding by about three feet.  He said that the townsite of Matagorda had some minor street flooding that is now receding and flowing out the gates that are open on the ring levee.  

Pollard continues to monitor the Colorado River level at Matagorda, as well.

Matagorda County Commissioner Gary Graham is surveying the drainage structures in his precinct to assure that they drain as quickly as possible and that the floodwaters continue to move.

Matagorda County Commissioner James Gibson says that Buffalo Road, Turtle Bay Road and River Road are closed due to high water at the bridges thereon.  Sloan Road has some water on it, but is passable, so drive slowly and safely.

Matagorda County Commissioner Bubba Frick urged residents to be safe, evacuate if near the Tres Palacios River and call the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office at 979-245-5526 if you need assistance. Frick said the Markham Volunteer Fire Department is standing by with high water rescue equipment, if needed.

Matagorda County Sheriff Skipper Osborne said the department went through “a difficult day yesterday as we have wide-spread flowing in many counties across the Gulf Coast.”

“I would like to thank each of the many first responders,” Osborne said. “This was a true team effort. From the dispatchers, to the volunteer firemen and women that responded to many calls. I would like to give a special thanks to my deputies and all law enforcement personnel.

“We responded to the public’s cry for help without worrying about our own properties,” Osborne said. “A true test of the men and women that serve you every day in law enforcement. Continue to keep them in your prayers.”

Bay City Mayor Pro-Tem Chrstal Folse thanked first responders and law enforcement for their help during this crisis situation. 

“I would like to say a special thank you to the dispatchers, they took thousands of calls from the community and did a great responding to each one of the calls,” Folse said. “We understand that we have many homes within the city limits that have water damage. We will work with each person and property owner to make sure that we take care of each other.

“We are now in the discovery stage, it is important that we hear from you,” Folse said. “As (County Judge Nate) McDonald said we are working together to collect data on the impacts of the flood to structures in the city and county. We would like to encourage citizens and businesses to contact us if they had damage.

If you must travel this week please plan ahead, there are many areas that have experienced flooding. Check www.drivetexas.org  for road conditions.

If you have questions please contact the Matagorda County Emergency Management Coordinator at 979-323-0707.

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