Information released about Friday’s big playoff game

Information released about Friday’s big playoff game


Traylor Stadium Policies

LCISD's Traylor Stadium is a football, soccer and track venue used by all LCISD teams as well as several groups from our community for hosting meets and games. 

It is our hope that your time at the stadium will give you a chance to enjoy the talents and hard work of the many student groups that perform there.  In order to protect the safety and security of our students and the facility, we ask that you follow the below stadium policies:

1)  After exiting the stadium, there is no re-entry permitted for any event.

2)  Food or beverages may not be brought into the stadium by spectators.  

3)  Ticket booths and Concession Stands cannot take bills larger than $20 at this time.  However, concession stands are now accepting credit card payments. 

4)  No backpacks, duffel bags or other large bags are allowed into the stadium without special advanced approval.

5)  No noisemakers are allowed into the stadium.

6)  There will be no use of confetti, balloons, silly string or baby powder while in the stadium.  

7)  Spectators are not allowed on the field or track before, during or after contests. 

Sideline and Press Box Access while at the Stadium:

LCISD utilizes color coded wristbands for access to the sideline area and press box at the stadium.  Prior to scheduled games at the stadium, your school will receive wristbands for your staff and performance groups.  If you need to request additional wristbands for access during your game, please contact the Athletic Office or see the staff at Gate #1 on the home side or Gate #4 on the visitor's side once you arrive at the stadium. 

Press and Media Inquires:

Only authorized photographers will be allowed onto the field before, during or after games.  Adult and student members of recognized media groups should check in at the Pass Gate next to Gate #1 to receive their credentials and further instructions.  

Radio, TV and media personnel should contact the LCISD Athletic Office (832-223-0147) the week prior to the game to reserve a media pass for an upcoming game and to make arrangements for any special broadcasts. 


If during your visit to the stadium you need any assistance or have any questions, please find a stadium event worker in their neon yellow shirt and they will be happy to assist you.

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