Local Groundwater District promotes water conservation

Local Groundwater District promotes water conservation


Although Matagorda County has had its share of rainfall throughout 2018, especially with the recent rain events, the Coastal Plains Groundwater Conservation District urges continued practice of conserving and preserving the groundwater that underlies our County.

Learning how to conserve the region’s most precious resource takes a team effort, with large-scale users and smaller well owners all chipping in to do their part.  This effort will become even more critical with the state’s population expected to double by 2050.

Most of the state’s groundwater comes from nine major aquifers and twenty minor aquifers.  The major aquifer underlying Matagorda County is known as the Gulf Coast Aquifer.  Of the groundwater used in Matagorda County, about 96 percent is used for agricultural irrigation.  Another 3 percent is used by municipalities/commercial uses, and the remainder is utilized for domestic and livestock purposes.

Matagorda County has always enjoyed an abundant source of groundwater.  The only way to continue to be able to pass on that enjoyment to our future generations is to be good stewards and conserve the resource.  Some conservation tips to consider are below:

For homeowners:

• Shorten showers by at least two minutes

• Wash only full loads of clothes

• Use shorter dishwasher cycles

• Turn off the tap while brushing teeth or shaving

• Sweep off driveways and sidewalks instead of power washing

For agricultural users:

• Use land leveling

• Implement brush control management

• Line irrigation channels

• Replace irrigation channels with underground pipelines

• Install low pressure center pivot sprinklers

• Use gated and flexible pipe for water distribution systems

Please feel free to contact the District for more information at 979-323-9170 or www.coastalplainsgcd.com

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