Bay City grad steps  into national spotlight

Bay City grad steps into national spotlight


Bay City 2017 graduate Kaylise Renay Irizarry has always had a “thing” about performing.

From the theatre stage at Bay City High School to Minute Maid Park to NRG Stadium, Irizarry has taken the spotlight performing the National Anthem for both the Houston Astros and now the Houston Texans.

“When I performed at the Texans game that was double the size of the Astros games,” Irizarry said of the Sunday, Dec. 30 contest between the Texas and the Jacksonville Jaguars. “It was a bigger atmosphere so I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. I was a little nervous but I was super excited at the same time.

“When I stepped onto the field, I just zone everything out and focus on what I am doing,” Irizarry said. “It was incredible.”

It marked the first time that Irizarry had performed at an NFL game. She had performed the National Anthem numerous times for the Astros during the past couple of seasons.

Two years ago, the Astros marketing staff approached Irizarry after she sent in a video of herself performing the anthem. Irizarry was asked to sing at the nationally broadcast games on ESPN for the Astros as well as perform at the first home playoff game this year as well.

That led Irizarry to try out for the Texans during a contest held on one of the team’s social media pages and voters that follow the social media pages chose her video.

‘That was a big surprise to me,” Irizarry said. “I didn’t expect that at all.”

Irizarry is now attending Texas State University majoring in biology but her minor is mass communications. Irizarry said she is considering entered the field of sports broadcasting.

For now, Irizarry is just looking for the next arena to showcase her singing talents.

“I would love to do a Dallas Cowboy game or an NBA game as well,” Irizarry said. “I would explore every opportunity that I can get.”

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