Key punches ticket to state XC meet


Bay City senior Raheem Key punched his ticket to the Class 4A state meet in Round Rock with an 11th place finish in the Region 5,000-meter run Monday in Huntsville.

Key finished with a time of 17:22.10.

Key and the rest of his Bay City cross country teammate participates in the Region 4A meeting after capturing first place at the district meet last week. Bay City finished in 13th place as a team at the regional meet.

Bay City junior Ramiro Vera finished in 53rd place with a time of 18:42.10 while senior Alejandro Murillo finished 82nd with a time of 19:28.20 and senior Luis Martinez finished in 124th place with a time of 20:29.10.

Sophomore Antonio Sanchez finished 129th with a time of 20:34.70 while sophomore Evan Ramos finished 136th with a time of 20:48.60 and Brandon McElroy finished 144th with a time of 21:17.20

In the Region 4A girls two-mile run, Bay City freshman Itzell Morales finished in 49th place with a time of 14:09.10 while sophomore Julianne Kucera finished in 55th place with a time of 14:18.70 and sophomore Victoria Murillo finished 76th with a time of 14:40.50.

Freshman Destyni Flores finished 104th with a time of 15:20.90 while sophomore Valeria Rubio finished 137th with a time of 16:06.60 and sophomore Nathali Verduzo finished 140th with a time of 16:08.60 and senior Abigail Gonzales finished in 147th place with a time of 16:35.30.

The Bay City girls team finished in 17th place overall in the team standings. 

In the Class 3A Region 3 boys 5,000-meter race, Palacios came away with a sixth place finish in the team standings while Tidehaven finished in 22nd place.

Palacios junior Hector Hernandez finished in 31st place with a time of 18:40.60 while teammate Matthew Aparicio finished in 33rd place with a time of 18:43.90 and freshman Nicolas Cruz finished in 37th place with a time of 18:57.70. 

Palacios sophomore Julian Diaz finished in 41st place with a time of 19:01.60 while Tidehaven’s Adrian Ramirez finished in 66th place with a time of 19:43.20 and Palacios senior Timothy Kessler finished in 69th place with a time of 19:45.00.

Palacios freshman Austin Stoecker finished 120th with a time of 21:17.10 while Tidehaven sophomore Dillon Long finished 127th with a time of 21:40.90 and teammate Antonio Zavala finished 128th with a time of 21:45.40.

Palacios junior Julio Rios finished in 131st place with a time of 21:53.00 while Tidehaven’s Julian Wise finished 134th with a time of 22:04.20 and Tidehaven sophomore Kevin Lara finished 157th with a time of 24:01.90. 

In the Class 3A Girls’ Regional results of a two-mile run, Palacios finished in 17th place overall in the team standings.

Leading the way for Palacios was junior Lizbeth Guillen with a 54th place finish with a time of 14:13.00 while junior Guadalupe Mancera finished 64th place with a time of 14:30.10 and senior Maria Serrato finished 125th with a time of 15:49.90.

Angela Sanchez finished 128th with a time of 15:50.80 while freshman Madilyn Valdez finished 143rd with a time of 16:46.90 and Evelyn Aparicio finished 149th with a time of 17:11.40.

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