County approves Super Tanker for Tres Palacios


The Matagorda County Commissioner’s Court met at the Matagorda Courthouse to hold a meeting July 29. 

One of the items of business was consideration and possible action to partially re-plat Lot 78A and Reserve B of the re-plat of Lots 77 and 78, Colorado River Estates, Section 2 of Matagorda County. This action was approved.

There was consideration and possible action to approve a contract with the Fouts Brothers to build a 2,000-gallon Super Tanker to be used by Tres Palacios Volunteer Fire Department and allow the County Judge to sign. 

Matagorda County Commissioner Charles Frick Precinct 4 said, “This pertains to the fire truck that was in our accident, the TPO went out and got a grant, they did all the leg work. This is the next step to get the truck here and get it in service.” 

Fire Chief Curtis Mooneham from Tres Palacios Oaks Volunteer Fire Department was at the meeting to express his appreciation of the approval and support from the commissioner’s court. 

Mooneham said, “It’s going to be an awesome addition, not just for Precinct 4 but for all of Matagorda County if needed.” 

This contract was approved.

The consideration and possible action to move Joe Irvin from his current position of Heavy Equipment Operator to Foreman, Precinct #1, at a rate of $20.71 per hour, was approved and went into effect July 29.  

A cellular phone allowance for Joe Irvin was also approved right after, for the amount of $60 per month according to the county policies and procedures.

Next on the items of business was the consideration and possible action to promote Precinct #1 employee Daniel Ochoa from part time laborer to full time Light Equipment Operator at $12.50 per hour was approved and went into effect July 29.

The consideration and possible action to approve the TxDot permit to construct access to driveway facilities on Highway right-of-way, State Highway 60 and CR 222 (Shepard Mott), Precinct 2 of Matagorda County was approved. 

Matagorda County Commissioner Kent Pollard Precinct 2 said, “A temporary widening of Highway 60… they’re going to bring in some equipment on some rather lengthy trailers that are going to swing out wide to make a turn.”

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