Deputies arrest man after high speed pursuit


Matagorda County authorities were involved in a high-speed pursuit chase, which resulted in the arrest of a man for reckless driving.

Matagorda County Deputy Chase Ceder was at SH 60 and Shepphard Mott Road running radar traffic enforcement when a white-four door Dodge truck passed him traveling 89 MPH in a 70 MPH speed zone.

Ceder turned on his overhead lights and attempted to catch up to the vehicle. The vehicle entered Wadsworth doing approximately 100 mph and was passing vehicles on the left side in the turning lane of State Highway 60 South.

The vehicle finally pulled over in front of Lyondell and Ceder was able to perform a felony traffic stop on the vehicle and ordered the subject out of the vehicle.

The driver was identified as Jessie Johnson, 36, and was found to have no driver’s license. Johnson was placed under arrest for reckless driving and transported him to the Matagorda County Jail.

In an unrelated case, Matagorda County authorities are looking into a case of counterfeit money attempted to be passed during a recent purchase.

Deputy Chris Holliday was dispatched to 24326 FM 457 in Sargent in reference to found counterfeit money at the Texaco fuel station. 

Holliday met the store clerk and she stated that an older white male came into the store to buy oysters and handed her a $10 bill. The clerk stated she noticed the bill was fake and the older man appeared to be surprised and wanted to look at the bill.

The clerk told Holliday that the man looked at the bill and handed it back to the clerk stating he didn’t want it if it was fake. The man then paid for the oysters with other money and left the location.

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