A Masters in Healing


Not all educational experiences are acknowledged by accredited degrees.  Spiritual growth escalates during some of the most test-worthy, dark moments in life.  When we are grieving the loss of a loved one, surviving a life-threatening disease, voluntarily serving in the armed forces, on fire departments, EMS and crisis centers, we are most certainly participating in curriculum offered through what is known as Earth School.  Richard Rohr discloses in his article on Wounded Healers, “Deep communion and compassion are formed much more by shared pain than by shared pleasure.  Transformed people transform people.  When you can be healed yourself and not just talk about healing, you are as Henri Nouwen said, ‘a wounded healer’—which is probably the only kind of healer.” 

Author James Finley spoke of awakenings we experience in moments of crisis saying, “There are moments in life when there’s a visceral certitude that the ‘awakening’ experience is real, and precious. By their very nature these moments are self-authenticating: that whatever the greater meaning of life is about, that I am now glimpsing something of that essence.  There is an intuition that in this instant you are glimpsing true nature of the one unending moment in which our lives unfold.” Whether we witness the unfolding in others or in ourselves at peak moments, we are all changed and healed. The veil is momentarily pulled back.

Growth doesn’t discriminate; it reveals itself in both darkness and light while exhibiting strength in someone during their most fragile moments, even in their last breath. Finley shares insights drawn from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ work in On Death and Dying. “Those who come to acceptance in death pass beyond the dualism of happiness and sadness.  For in accepting their seemingly unacceptable situation, they are transformed in ways that leave us feeling strangely touched and privileged to be in their presence.”  Finley continues, “The experience of being with those who have come to an acceptance in death can help us renew our ongoing efforts to learn from God how to die to the last traces of clinging to anything less or other than God’s sustaining love.  For insofar as we learn from God how to die to all that is less than or other than God’s love as our sole security and identity, it just might be possible that when the moment of our death finally comes, nothing will happen.  For in some deep, unexplainable way we will have already crossed over into the deathless love of God.” Thus, a Masters in Healing will be our heavenly reward.


“You must be ground like wheat, and once you have recovered, then you can turn and help the brothers.” 

(Luke 22:31-32)


– Karen Restivo is a Life & Communication Coach and owner of SerenityMatagorda Isle. You can learn more about Karen by visiting her online at SerenityMatagorda.com or emailing her at karen@serenitymatagorda.com

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