50 more BCHS students earn certifications


Bay City High School saw 10 more students this school year become Adobe Certified Associates using Adobe Illustrator in Melissa Ursery’s classes. Students earning the work-ready certification are: Allison Johnson, Matthew Ramos, Isabella Rasmussen, Jose Rodriguez Verduzco, Matthew Carter, Gavin Simon, Dallas Doyal, Saya Hernandez,  Gage Montalvo and Gabriel Logulo.

Bay City High School certified an additional 30 Business Information Management (BIM) students with Microsoft Office Specialist certifications in MOS PowerPoint. Students who passed the exam to earn their certification are: A’Dajia Monecce Erevia, Alejandro Gonzalez, Alejandro Gonzalez, Alexis Martinez, Annasia Sherrod, Blake William Frausto, Brayan Alexis Ramos, Dana Montes, Destiny Nicole Vasquez, Devri Johnson, Emilee Carmeline Eidlebach, Gavin James Simon, Jessica Rodriguez Guido, Jose Cacique, Joseph Blaine Hernandez, Juan Lopez, Kaia Nunez, Karen Patel, Katherine Hipp, Kayleigh Waggoner, Keith Cassel, Kevin Patel, Kristiana Johnson, Lylian Arias, Mariela Munoz, Matthew Brooks, Melanie Bustos, Micah Fortenberry, Michaela Brown, Michelle Garcia, Nancy Valdez, Rachelle Larson, Raul Zamora, Rosa Santoyo, Sophie von Pohl, Yasmin Garcia, Yesenia Forcado, Zabein Allen and Zachary Hestand. Their BIM teachers are Sandra Watson, Jenifer Townsend and Dr. Dianne Farrar. 

Additionally, Yesenia Forcado passed the MOS Access certification. She was the only one to study extra and attempt it this school  year. She already previously passed the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint exams. 

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