New staff off to good start

New staff off to good start


This week there was news being made at the Bay City Housing Authority.

And unlike past months where all the news was concerning its commissioners and Bay City Mayor Mark Bricker’s decision to remove them from office, this news was positive for the community.

Under the direction of Executive Director Lawanda Davis and her staff, the Bay City Housing Authority was accepting names on a waiting list for Section 8. To some areas that might be ho-hum news but for Bay City this was an undertaking that was a challenge in the past.

“It has been a year or two since that waiting list has been opened,” Davis said. “My staff has been here for approximately one month and they made this milestone happen. With the previous staff, they were trying to get to this point but it never happened. This happened because of the leadership we have on the staff right now.”

Davis serves as executive director while Jade Caesar works as administrative assistant and public housing specialist. Cameka Johnson serves as a specialist for Section 8 and Nicole Teague serves as specialist 2 for the Section 8 program.

Davis also added that the new staff is working diligently with HUD to bring the housing back up to standard. In its first 30 days in office, the newly installed staff has brought down the debt from $27,000 to $12,000. 

Also, in the past 30 days, the Bay City Housing Authority has passed out more than 100 rent vouchers in this community with plans to pass out more in the coming weeks. 

“My motto is helping one family at a time and making Bay City great again,” Davis said. “In order for us to build community, we cannot be divided. Most important thing for us is the population that we serve. It is not about who is right but what is right.”

Well at first glance, it appears that the Bay City Housing Authority’s new staff just might be pointed in the right direction with only positive growth ahead of them. 

Kudos to the Bay City Housing Authority’s new staff and for steering itself through this storm of controversy that is brewing over them. Hopefully the future will be bright for years ahead of them.

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