County steps up patrol on beaches

Sheriff’s deputies check vehicles at entrance points to beaches for permits.  (Karen Restivo photo) 

County steps up patrol on beaches


Matagorda County Sheriff’s Department Deputies were out in full force on Matagorda Beach this last weekend confirming whether or not automobiles were displaying a 2019 beach permit that legally allows for cars to have access on the beach.  

There were some surprised beach goers approaching the beach entrance when they spotted not one but two sheriff patrol officers checking for current beach vehicle permits.  

“It’s a violation to drive onto Matagorda Beach without a beach permit,” said Reserve Captain Ron Ballenger. “The Sheriff’s Dept. has a four-wheel drive vehicle that deputies use to drive directly on to the beach so they’re able to monitor beach traffic, permits and enforce other restrictions such as no swim zones, speed, glass containers and littering.”  

The laws are in place to better serve the community and reduce risks of endangerment.  Matagorda Beach has more than 20 miles of beachfront and can be difficult to manage especially on holiday weekends when the crowd numbers grow exponentially. With the help of caring citizens and beach goers, the sheriff’s department deputies can cover a larger distance.  

“Our two-wheel drive vehicles are used in the event of speeding violations on roadways and are not able to drive on the beach,” said Ballenger. 

With the upcoming 4th of July weekend, expect to see heightened security on the beach and remember to purchase 2019 Beach permits at Stanley’s General Store or Rawlings Bait Camp. 

Both locations are on the road heading to the beach. Beach permits cost $10 and are good for the entire 2019 year.  

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