Bay City Recovery presents “The Addict and the Enabler” at BCPL Dinner 


The Bay City Public Library will host its quarterly Family Dinner Series at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 8.

The meal will be provided courtesy of the Friends of the Bay City Library. 

This month’s featured topic, “Demystifying Addiction: The Addict and the Enabler, Understanding Drug Abuse for Families” will be presented by Bay City Recovery.

BCR Executive Director Jonnie Montalbo, along with a panel of experts will present an in depth overview of the dynamics surrounding the connection between addicts and their enablers.

“This presentation will focus on the fine line between recovery, relapse and what part enablers plays in the bigger picture,” says Montalbo. 

“Enabling is a term often used in the context between an addict and most often, the loved one closest to them.”

“They suffer the negative consequences of the addict’s behavior rather than the addict themselves.”

“In the context of addiction, the definition of enabling is “the behavior of protecting the addict from experiencing the full impact and consequences of their behavior.” 

“However, evidence has shown that an addict that is given the opportunity to experience the damaging consequences of his or her addiction on their lives is the most powerful incentive for them to change.” 

“This is when the addict finally “hits bottom” and has exhausted all other options.” 

“In many cases addicts are unable to reach that level because they have enablers that are “codependent” and feel compelled to solve their problems.” 

“A codependent person who is in a relationship with an addict will end up taking on the burden of the irresponsible addict’s responsibilities, never allowing them to feel the discomfort or consequences of their actions.”

“Successful recovery requires more than just abstinence,” said Montalbo.

“Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family, not just the addict.”

“Many times the enabler is a family member who genuinely loves the individual and truly believes the things they are doing for them will help the using stop, but on the contrary, it prolongs the suffering for all involved,” said Montalbo. 

The presentation will include recognizing the early warning signs and symptoms of enabling and codependent behavior, how to support an addict without enabling them, positive change for families living with addiction, recovery resources and much more. 

Also on the discussion panel, Kevin Green, Representative for the Cenikor Foundation in Deer Park. Delma Garza, Director of Brazoria County Counseling Center and Andrew Downs, Volunteer Outreach Coordinator for Bay City Recovery. 

Jonnie Montalbo, Founder and Executive Director of Bay City Recovery is a Certified Peer Support Specialist, Recovery Coach and currently works as a freelance correspondent for the Bay City Tribune. 

The Bay City Public Library is located at 1100 Seventh Street.

For more information about this event contact Youth Services Coordinator Andrea Savage at (979) 245-6931 or the Summer program flyer can be found on the Bay City Public Library’s Facebook page or on the City of Bay City website

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