Junior High report

Van Vleck 7th, 8th squads conclude year


The Van Vleck OHHMS Lady Kitten 7th and 8th grade A & B team basketball players played their last two games this past Thursday and Monday night. 

On Thursday night Van Vleck hosted the Boling Bull Pups. 

First, to hit the court were the 7th grade B team girls who fell short 14-9. Top scores for the Lady Kittens were Elayna Estraca and Celeste Gutowski each with four points apiece. Emilee Scheinder had one point. Top defenders were Kayla Martinez, Michelle-Rose Mirelez, Tatum Moore, and Lindsay Jimenez. 

Next, was the 8th grade B team who tied 8-8 with the Lady Bull Pups. Top scorer was Harmonie Johnson with six points and Alex Lawhon with two points. Top defenders were Kylie Folmar, Kaylee Williams, Mia Ruckett, Lacy Smith, Kylie Zuniga, Bailey Hauff, and Tristan Stone. 

The next game was a nail bitter that went into overtime, but the 7th grade A team fell short 20-18. It was the first loss for these girls so it was very emotional. Top scorer was Tia Fields with seven points. Followed by Jaila Wilson with five, Madilyn Zuniga with four, and  Olivia Britton with two points. Top defends were Tarah Britton, Alyssa Hudgins, Jeslynn Morales, and Kymora Williams. 

Last, to take the court against the Lady Bull Pups were the 8th grade a team who lost 35-14. Top scorer was Ariana Maldonado. Followed by Ashlyn Pulsifer with three, Analeah Perez, Bethany Pruett, and Zoe Mangum with two each, and Morgan Cervantes with a free throw. Last night Van Vleck travelled to Palacios and the 7th grade B team took the court first. They won 10-7. Top scorer was Celeste Gutowski with six points. Followed by Emilee Scheinder and Michelle-Rose Mirelez with two points apiece. 

Next, was the 8th grade B who won 20-10. Top scorers were Harmonie Johnson and Tristan Stone with six points apiece. Followed by Kylie Folmar and Kaylee Williams with four points each. The next team was the 7th grade A team who fell short 23-21. Top scorer was Alyssa Hudgins with eight points. Followed by Tia Fields with five, Tarah Britton with four, Olivia Britton with three, and Jalia Wilson with a free throw. 

Last to take the court for the last time as an 8th grader was the Lady Kitten 8th grade A team who won 20-18. Top scorer was Ariana Maldonado with eight points. Followed by Analeah Perez with four, Ashlyn Pulsifer, Reagan DeWoody, Ariana Garcia with two points each, and Briana Corenfield and Zoe Mangum with a free throw each. 

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