Janet Hickl

Janet Hickl announces candidacy for county clerk


Janet Hickl has announced her candidacy for re-election as Matagorda County Clerk in the upcoming November election.

“I have served the citizens of Matagorda County for eight years as your County Clerk but worked 15 years as a Deputy County Clerk,” Hickl said. “This will be my third term. With a staff of six women, we have worked very hard to give as much attention and assistance to citizens that enter our office for direction or general information. 

Real property records with images are accessible online dating back to 1954,” Hickl said. “During the next 4-5 years, a plan is in place to use the Records Management and Archive Fees collected to convert all records in the County Clerk’s office to be accessed electronically in case of a disaster.  It is necessary to be up and running from any disaster if our records are destroyed for those needing copies of records recorded in our office.” 

Hickl said with a new software system, E-recording will be available; and anyone that wishes to E-record real property documents from out of town or out of state, may do so without using the postal service or other mailing services. 

“We helped many citizens that were born in another county to get their birth certificates after Hurricane Harvey,” Hickl said. “We were also able to make copies of marriage licenses for those married in Matagorda County and real property records for them as well.  The preservation of these records is very important for our county’s history as well as genealogists that are researching their ancestry.” 

Hickl said the Texas Supreme Court mandated the use of E-filing for Probate and Civil filings.  Attorneys now E-file their documents through this process. In 2019, Criminal E-filing will be mandated. Attorneys will be required to file their documents prior to or after court.

“I introduced Matagorda County to a new electronic voting system certified by the secretary of state with the intention of implementing a countywide polling place program. Once the county has a successful election with this program, there will be fewer polling locations and the voter may vote at any one of them,” Hickl said. “The electronic voting equipment has allowed the election judges and clerks to complete their necessary paperwork after the polls close. They are able to get the election equipment and supplies back to the county clerk’s office to tally the votes and get the results to the public in a timely manner.”

Utilizing the Matagorda County Website and Facebook to inform the public of county clerk business and election news has been a plus. 

“I have a vision for the county Ccerk’s office and would like the opportunity to complete what I have started,” Hickl said. “It has been my pleasure to serve the citizens of Matagorda County. I ask for your support in the upcoming general election on Nov. 6, and the opportunity to continue serving as your county clerk.”

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