National School Parent Group Day celebrates School PTOs & PTAs


WRENTHAM, MA—School parent groups nationwide will join in observing National School Parent Group Day on Sept. 27. The event, sponsored by PTO Today, recognizes the hard work PTOs and PTAs do to make their schools even better places for students.

“Across the country, school parent groups provide countless volunteer hours and financial support that helps make schools stronger. National School Parent Group Day was created to applaud the work parent volunteers do in every local community and schools across the country,” said Lani Harac, director of content at PTO Today. 

More than 83,000 school parent groups support K-8 schools in the United States. Parent groups go by many names—PTO, PTA, HSA, PTC, and PCC, to name a few. While the groups vary in size and scope, they share the common goal of supporting schools so students can be more successful.

School parent groups support schools in two key ways, by providing volunteers and by funding items not included in school budgets. Thanks to the hard work of parent volunteers, schools have more of what students need to thrive, from volunteer tutors to new playground equipment and library books.

While the amount of money groups raise and spend varies greatly, our 2017 survey of leaders showed that school parent groups prioritize spending in these areas:

• Student enrichment

• School equipment or renovations

• Teaching aids and classroom supplies

• Technology purchases

• Family events

• Teacher and staff appreciation

For more info about National School Parent Group Day, visit

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