Blessing Fundraiser

Annual hotel fundraiser set for July 20


The Blessing Hotel will be hosting their 5th Annual Car Show and fundraiser July 20 with the proceeds going to the upkeep of the hotel. The proceeds will be used for the maintenance of the hotel, repairs and repainting.

Blessing community member David Cobb commented on the fundraiser said, “The fundraiser gets bigger and bigger every year, we’re expecting a large turnout.” 

There will be a live auction, music, raffle tickets for purchase and available booth spaces. The car show will not only feature cars but trucks, motorcycles, and other miscellaneous classes. This will be the third year this fundraiser has included the car show brought by Penny Boon. 

People from Corpus Christi, Houston and surrounding cities come out to the fundraiser to see these classic and redone cars. Awards will be given to the cars for first place in its class, best of show, people’s choice, the most patriotic, the Blessing Hotel and Coffee Shop award, and work in progress. 

The Blessing Hotel was built in 1907 by Jonathan Edwards Pierce and has been a gathering place for community members ever since. The hotel was placed on the National Register of Historical Places during 1979. 

The hotel has a Coffee Shop and there you can find a breakfast and lunch menu with homemade meals each day. The coffee shop is leased and ran by Helen Fieldhousen. 

A band will be performing on the front porch of the Blessing Hotel while people enjoy the hamburger lunch and raffle. 

The Blessing Hotel has been closed before for some remodeling done in the past. It has previously received a new metal roof. 

This hotel consisting of 25 rooms has since been deeded to the Blessing Historical Society who currently operate the hotel.

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