New sign coming for Riverside Park

New sign coming for Riverside Park


The Bay City Tourism Council met at city hall July 3 for a meeting led by Heidi Martinez, tourism manager, to discuss the upcoming entertainment events within the next weeks and months.

The Bay City Rotary Club is hosting their annual summer concert on Aug. 17, 2019 with Colby Swift opening for Ronnie Milsap, an American county music singer. The Bay City Rotary Club requested $7,000. They were approved for up to $5,000.

Nicasio Perez, Bay City Tourism council member, stated, “We look forward to collaborating with you guys,” in reference to the Bay City Rotary Club members that were present at the meeting.

There are expectations of locals and out of towners to attend the concert. To get an estimate of the number of tourists we will have, the hotels in Bay City will keep track of those who book a stay for the Rotary Concert.

Bay City Parks and Recreation Director Shawn Blackburn discussed the cost of the new wayfinding sign for Riverside Park. The park has been difficult to locate by people who come to stay in the RV park, use the boat ramps, birdwatch, and camp. Blackburn stated, “People have lived here their whole life and say, “Riverside Park, where’s that?”

The sign will cost $13, 727 including installation. Blackburn was given the approval. The new lit, double-sided wayfinding sign will be placed at Riverside Park, informing park seekers where to turn in. There will also be two new Texas Department of Transportation signs placed in Bay City.

The Art Committee discussed the new murals that are popping up around town. Mayor Robert Nelson asked about the upkeep of these murals and if there was budget set aside for power washing of these murals, and this was confirmed by Martinez.

The concert committee received an update about the upcoming Bay City Tourism Day of the Dead Festival happening on Nov. 2, 2019. This event will be held at Le Tulle Park with a Selena Tribute Band coming to perform.

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