DeWitt, Candidate for BCISD School Board Trustee Pos 3

DeWitt, Candidate for BCISD School Board Trustee Pos 3


Hello my name is John DeWitt and I am announcing my candidacy for Bay City ISD School Board Trustee Position 3. I am doing this because I love Bay City. Almost 30 years ago my family moved here to Bay City and the town embraced our family with open arms. Bay City has been good to me and my family.  This is where I learned the phrase brought in by Former Athletic Director Coach Warren Trahan “Blackcat Fight Never Dies” This is where I met my wife of 19 years, and where we raise our children who attend BCISD schools. This is where we volunteer our time with our church, different charitable organizations and the different sports clubs that I coach my children in. I am vested in this community and especially our school district. Now comes the time where we can all be part of the problem or be part of the solution. I choose along with many others to be the part of that solution. We may all have different opinions but instead of being bitter, let’s work to get better. I feel we should all have one goal and that is making our schools and our district SAFER and better, one family at a time because we are all in this together! I want to give our teachers, students and administration the support they need in order to be the best! Because we are Blackcats! We are Bay City! And we are the best! We may not be where we want to be (yet) but with everyone involved in the process, we will get there and make this the best district in the state and I believe the nation. Why not? What’s holding us back? Genesis 11:6 says "The people are united, and they all speak the same language. After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them! Early voting starts on April 22 at City Hall. I appreciate your support, prayers and vote on May 4, 2019.



John DeWitt


John (41) and his wife Christine and children Jace and Taylor have been life long residents of Bay City and Wadsworth. He is currently an Insurance Agent with Hollister Insurors here in Bay City. John is also the Associate Pastor at Word of Life Church in Wadsworth. John and his wife both graduated from Bay City High School. His son Jace is 13 and daughter Taylor is 9 and both attend Bay City ISD schools.

Along with being an the Associate Pastor at Word of Life Church, John is also the Youth Pastor and has been since 2002.  He also was a former board member with the United Way,  former member of the South Texas Prison Outreach, current coach, and former board member and President of Bay City Little League, coach with Bay City Girls Softball Association, former coach with Bay City Little Dribblers Basketball League,  Bay City Blackcat Class of 1996 and most importantly a father and husband.

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