County receives glowing audit report


Matagorda County was handed a “clean opinion” over its 2018 Matagorda County Comprehensive Annual Financial Report as presented by Kennemer Masters & Lunsford, LLC during Monday’s regular meeting of the Matagorda County Commissioner’s Court.

“You will find a clean opinion as it reflects to the financial segments of the audit,” said Wade Whitlow, partner with Kennemer Masters and Lunsford, LLC. 

Whitlow credited Matagorda County officials are having seventh months of reserve money available that could cover county expenditures if needed. 

“That’s very good,” Whitlow said. “The benchmark for counties is normally six months. We found no findings of issues over this audit.”

In other action, commissioners approved the board appoints for the Matagorda County Rail Transportation District for 2019 through 2021.

Appointments approved included Mike Ferdinand representing the Matagorda County and Palacios Economic Development Corporation, Jessica Russell representing the Bay City Community Development Corporation, Judge Nate McDonald representing the Matagorda County Economic Development Corporation, Julie Estlinbaum representing the Bay City Community Development Corporation, Robert Van Borssum representing the Palacios Economic Development Corporation, Tim Powell representing STP/NOC, Anthony Wood representing Lyondell Basell, Matthew McCall representing Celanese Chemical and Fred Gayton representing Oxea.

Ferdinand said the district was formed in the 1990s but had been inactive since 2012. 

“Since we have two to three pending railroad projects, we believed it would be a good time to bring this district back to deal with any railroad issues in the county,” Ferdinand said. 

Commissioners also approved the hiring of Aleigha Galvan as a grant-funded Victim Assistance Coordinator working out of the county’s district attorney’s office.

The duties of the Victim Assistance Coordinator require duties beyond those typically required of a legal assistant, such as the ability to effectively communicate with victims and their families as well as identify support services for the victim and assist in obtaining those services.

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