High tides have trout reds on the flats

Wading sand and grass has improved this week with higher tides.

High tides have trout reds on the flats


Despite all the rain and overcast skies we have experienced this week, a summer pattern for trout is developing.

Nightime temps in the high 60s has encouraged our yards to grow and the fish to bite.

Drifters in East Matagorda Bay have had a tough time with winds, but those willing to grind have a chance of at least one big trout bite a day. Those big trout still eat when the water is dirty -you just have to put the bait in front of them.

Waders in East Bay have had a tough time getting on a consistent bite, even with live bait. The fluctuation in water temperatures from rainfall seems to determine if/when trout will bite on a given day.

Waders in West Matagorda Bay are seeing lots of little minnows on the shorelines and smaller topwaters and soft plastics have worked best. Waders in Port O’Connor have been working flats adjacent to Pass Cavallo. Water levels have been higher than normal in the morning due to persistent low pressure from storms. Lots of shrimp, shad, pogies and small minnows are riding the tide and slicks are popping up when the fish are feeding.

In the Rockport and Port Aransas areas, Mud Island and Super Flats have been good for trout on small Super Spooks and SkitterWalks. Sand and grass humps around St. Joe Island have been good for waders on the same baits.

A few baitcamps are beginning to stock live croakers and many are tossing live finfish on sand and grass holes around Traylor Island and East Flats on the incoming tide.

Around Palacios, reefs near Hotel Point are holding trout on live shrimp. Half Moon Reef has been a mainstay as well when winds allow for open bay drifting.

In Matagorda, Guide Michael Rolf has saved many windy days this week chasing redfish in the back sloughs and bayous on the south shoreline. Maverick Bayou, Hidden Bayou, Green Island and Piling Slough all have little clusters of shell all along the shorelines and each area holds clean water even when the wind is gusting.

The Freeport, Matagorda,Port O’Connor and Port Aransas jetties always hold redfish this time of year. There are lots of white shrimp on the beachfront, evident by all the Gulf boats dragging about 1/2 off the coast.

Guide Rhett Price said reds around Rockport and Port Aransas are working the flats tides and back lakes with high tides. For those able to fish the afternoon until dark, reds are moving shallow on the shorelines with the tide and eating small glass minnows and shad.

Guide Michael Kubecka in Matagorda said dorado have been good while trolling the rip about 60 miles out in 250-300 feet of water. He said there are lots of weed lines and grass lines and he is working the same pattern for wahoo to 30 lbs on ballyhoo trolled at 6-7 knots.

Nighttime swordfish has been good while drifting hilltops and domes during the day. Most of the fish have been in the 100-plus range about 80 miles out. There are lots of yellowfins hanging around the floating platforms about 110-120 miles off the coast.

In Port Aransas, there have been lots of state-caught red snapper and kingfish. Wahoo and amberjacks have been reliable as well for partyboats. Water temps have been edging closer to 80 degrees in Gulf.

It hasn’t been an easy ride in bumpy seas, but calm waters are on the horizon.

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