Sheriff’s Department announces Promotions and Retirements

Pictured left to right: Lt. Frank Craft, Matagorda County Sheriff Skipper Osborne and Robert “Scooter” Hearn.  (Contributed photo) 

Sheriff’s Department announces Promotions and Retirements


On Wednesday, July 31 The Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office had two members officially retire.

Monty Mozley who was the Captain of the Patrol Division retired after 22 years of service with Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office. Monty started his career in 1997 in the Jail Division and within a couple of years promoted to the Patrol Division. Monty was a Patrol Sgt. For a number of years and was promoted to Patrol Captain in January 2013.

Victor Hadash who was a Patrol Deputy retired after 5 years of service. Victor also worked for the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office in the 1980’s and 1990’s where he was a Patrol Sgt. Victor has worked a number of years for the Bay City Police Department as well as with the Bay City ISD Police Department.

On Thursday, Aug 1 Lt. Frank Craft was promoted to Patrol Captain. Frank was a reserve Deputy in the 1990’s and came to work for the Sheriff’s Office in January 2009 as Narcotic Lieutenant. Frank has many years of experience including working for the Wharton Police Department in the 1980’s and being Reserve Lieutenant in the early 1990’s for the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office.

Robert “Scooter” Hearn has been promoted to Sergeant of the Civil Division at the Sheriff’s Office. Scooter has been working for the Sheriff’s Office as a Patrol Deputy, Patrol Sergeant and now Civil Sergeant for many years.

Philip Hester has been promoted to Narcotic Lieutenant. Philip started with the Sheriff’s Office in February 2014 as a Patrol deputy and promoted to a Sergeant Narcotic Investigator shortly thereafter. Philip is also a K9 handler for the Sheriff’s Office. Philip worked for the Clute Police Department for 10 years prior to coming to Matagorda County.

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