Lady Kittens participate in Ganado A tournament


On Sept. 29, 2018, the Van Vleck Lady Kittens traveled to Ganado for a Seventh and Eighth grade A tournament. 

The 7th grade team started the tournament off with a win against Tidehaven 25-20. Serenity Suarez and Olivia Britton teamed up by contributing eight serving points to help get the girls the win. Their serving was a little cold otherwise but defensive plays made the points to win the game. 

The girls clinched the win in the second game with a score of 25-15. Grace Gibbens serves were too hot to handle serving six consecutive points. Jaila Wilson also got warmed up with her serves with three serves hitting deep and just inside the court.

Second game of the day was lost to the tournament winner Ganado. The girls lost in two games but kept the score close.  The first game was lost 25-19. The second was lost 25-20.  

Once again Grace Gibbens was the most consistent server gaining three points in each game. The girls won the final game against Louise in two games. The first game was won 25-19 with Grace Gibbens and Olivia Britton each helping with three serving points each. The second game was won 25-15.  

Tia Fields served up five points and Grace Gibbens and Serenity Suarez helped with four serving points each. The girls are getting better at getting three touches on the ball before sending over to the opponent. The are also able to better focus on the next play after losing a point to the other team. They are getting closer as a team and supporting each other through setbacks and successes.

Eighth grade A first game was against Louise. The Lady Kittens won the first set 25-23. Na’Kya Barnes and Karly Brown lead the team in serving. Raegan DeWoody and Na’Kya Barnes helped secure the victory by playing a good defense against the net. 

The Lady Kittens lost the second set 25-17. Kylah Jones served six consecutive points and is credited with two digs. The Kittens lost the third game to Louise 15-12. Ariana Garcia scored six points for the Lady Kittens. 

The Eighth grade team then went on to play Tidehaven and won the first set 25-9. Karly Brown served eight consecutive points along side Ariana Garcia who served seven consecutive points. 

The Kittens lost the second set to Tidehaven 25-15. Kaley Hoffman, Alana Miles, and Hailee Rawlings played a good defense on the net. The Lady Kittens lost the third set in a nail bitter 17-15.  Briana Corenfield helped the Kittens stay in the game by serving eight points. 

The Eighth grade played their last game against Ganado. The Lady Kittens lost their first game 25-15. Bailey Hauff, Sydney Junek, and Ariana Maldonado played a huge roll in keeping the Lady Kittens in the game by hustling on the back row. The Kittens lost the seond game 25-20. 

Alana Miles started the team off strong by serving the first two points. Kaley Hoffman and Hailee Rawlings played a tough offense on the front row. Na’kya Barnes worked hard both on the back and front and is credited for multiple digs and hits. 

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