Swim teams back in action


Setback after setback has remained in the way of area high school swim teams’ preparation for the upcoming season when it came to usage of the Bay City swimming pool.

Both the Bay City and Van Vleck swimming program had their season put on hold recently as the heaters at the Bay City pool went down Oct. 16. 

With the pool heater not working, team regulations state swimmers cannot utilize the pool in water less than 78 degrees and that eliminated swim meets set for the pool for UIL competition.

Bay City Mayor Mark Bricker announced that the city’s pool heating system would be back up and running on Oct. 26 but glitches forced the teams to wait a bit longer as the heating system still faltered at times.

Bay City Head Swim Coach Bob Button said it has been very challenging for the team with the pool being down.

“I am very disappointed for the kids and parents that put a lot into this sport,” Button said. “They have put a lot of hard work into this program.”

This week, the Bay City pool manager placed time constraints on the usage of the pool forcing Bay City to cancel a home meet with Columbia and Brazosport. 

“We were unable to host the meet and had to cancel this meet,” Button said. 

The pool now closes at sunset each day.

“That means we’ll have to shave a few minutes off a few of our November and December practices,” Button said. 

Button said the pool heater was still not working effectively until Tuesday, Oct. 30. Button credited the work of Bay City Councilmember Bill Cornman for getting the heater up and working on Oct. 30.

Button said the delays in getting adequate practice time in the pool has hurt the team but in competition and in the pocketbook as well.

“It has hurt us financially that’s for sure,” Button said. “We’re returning the entry fee check for the relay meet and had already paid for team trophies.”

Button said as far as his team is concerned, the team is ready to move forward now.

“We’ve had excellent practices this week and need that to continue,” Button said. “We can only take advantage of the training opportunities that are ahead of us now.”

Bay City’s next swim meet will be in Rosenberg Saturday, Nov. 3 as the Blackcats will be competing in the LCISD Invitational.

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