Van Vleck appoints project managers for new school

Van Vleck’s new school design developer Ron Bailey describes sections of the Ag building, parking and entrances to the new school build at Monday night’s board meeting. (Photo by Allen D. Fisher)

School board spends hours in closed session for interviews

Skanska USA Building Inc. will oversee the building of Van Vleck’s new school.

Van Vleck school board members Monday chose representatives Chuck Kelly and Timothy Richard from Skanska’s Houston office to manage construction of the new school Monday night.

The board spent more than three hours in executive session interviewing four candidates, and even started Monday’s meeting late because of a closed session. The closed discussion started a half hour after a 6 p.m. workshop was conducted.

Skanska has managed construction all over the U.S., including an engineering school facility in North Carolina and medical school facility in Tampa, Florida that were completed earlier this April.

The decision came on the same night the board approved the new architectural look for the new school entrances: a traditional, peak style entrance. 

Design developer Ron Bailey brought back two options before school board that the project planning board liked and couldn’t make a decision on, both styles costing about the same.

“I think some (planning board members) might have leaned to the slanted-style more, but they liked both options. They didn’t dislike either one,” Bailey said.

This school is currently coming in over budget at $48,344,980, but Bailey said it was nothing to be alarmed about as he is confident that will come down by the time the bidding process and final approval comes before council September 17 with construction starting soon after.

“They’ll always have design contingencies budgeted in there,” Bailey said. “The group doesn’t feel like there all kinds of trouble with the budget, but do we have some challenges, always. “

The board also saw several more school renditions from auxiliary views, went over plans for the new Ag building improvements and later approved the construction contracts for the site.

TISD inc. internet provider will have to find a place for their broadcasting equipment as the board canceled the contract where the company was using the stadium light as a tower site.

The Board also approved the resignation of Anton Holden and the retirement of Phillip Murray, Karen Stafford and Julie Cornet at the end of the night. 

Board member Kurtis Brown was absent from the meeting.

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