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I like to think of this time between now and New Year’s as a mysterious threshold, rounding off the holidays, recognizing 2018 coming to an end and awaiting the arrival of 2019.   It’s an emotional time with a mixture of happiness, sadness, excitement anxiety, and anticipation as we contemplate the unfolding of a new year.  Michael Singer, the author of The Untethered Soul, asks us to be willing to harmonize and work with life in a participatory way and, fortunately, we’re able to do just that one day at a time, like a calendar year, with a day having a beginning and an ending based on a 24 hour cycle.  Think about a child, standing at his front window watching other kids participating in a game of baseball or hide & seek.  The child is safe in his home observing the action going on outside, yet yearning to be a participant in the game.  Certainly there is risk involved with a possible rainstorm, kids choosing to be unfriendly, getting injured or making a fool of one’s self, but opting to participate in the game (life) opens up the opportunity to become a part of something so much bigger than self.  Choosing to be a part of the game (greater good) the child finds freedom to expand and grow by stepping through the threshold (front door) of his home onto life’s playing field.  He’s no longer limited by the confines of his house.  

As we count down the last days of 2018, re-evaluate your experiences and memories.  Were you an active participant in your family, friendships, church and community? We may be closing the books on 2018 but you can choose to partner with life this coming year and surrender to all the opportunities waiting for you.  Happy New Year!


– Karen Restivo is a Life & Communication Coach and owner of SerenityMatagorda Isle. You can learn more about Karen by visiting her online at or emailing her at

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