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BCJH begins move into new building


The move from the old Bay City Jr. High to the new building is in full swing. 

The teachers have been preparing for the move throughout this past spring semester by packing classroom belongings. The BCJH maintenance department provided the boxes for this move and as of June 6, all the classroom belongings have been moved into the new building to be unpacked. 

The furniture portion of the move will begin next week. This was completed with the help of maintenance and student employees from BCHS that were hired for the summer. 

Bay City Independent School District Public Information Officer Allison Sliva said, “This was a great opportunity for the students and the school received good applicants.” 

The boxes were color coordinated, placed on pallets, and forklifted down the road into the new building. 

Robert Trevino from maintenance was seen driving the forklift down the road to the old building to load up more pallets. Two of the maintenance members, one in the old building and one in the new, had a crew of student employees. 

Fred Allen oversaw his crew of four student employees including Dallas Doyal, Blake Frausto, Pablo Frausto, and Ayden Tobias in the library of the old building. 

The front office of BCJH have been filing students test score information and ordering the files to be placed in boxes to be moved. 

Chanae Williams, attendance clerk and Rose Larson, discipline clerk were finishing up the filing in the office. 

Sliva said although this is a summer-long process, the move is on track for the upcoming school year. 

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