Van Vleck JH splits with Hitchcock


The Van Vleck Lady Kittens took on Hitchcock at home on Monday, October 15th.  The A and B team were combined into a single A team due to Hitchcock only bringing their A team. 

The Kittens beat Hitchcock in two games.  The first set the girls started off with a 25-18 win utilizing mostly B team starters.  The top servers were Alyssa Hudgins with five consecutive serving points followed by Jeslynn Morales with four. The girls relied on their skills they are learning in practice and set up several three hit rallies. 

The girls also won the second set 25-19 with play mostly from the A team starters. Olivia Britton was the top server with three consecutive points followed by Emilee Schneider with two. All the girls encouraged each other and it was great to see them coming together to give Van Vleck the win.

The Lady Kittens 8th grade A and B team also combined to form one team to play against Hitchcock. 

The Kittens lost the first set 25-17. Morgan Cervantes, Kylie Walker, and Karly Kelly helped the Kittens stay in the game by hustling to every pass and making a good first pass. 

The Lady Kittens lost the second set 25-23. Ashlyn Pulsifer, Karly Brown, and Briana Corenfield lead the team in serving percentages. Na’Kya Barnes, Kaley Hoffman, and Hailee Rawlings lead the team in blocking to help the Kittens stay in the game.

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