County approves new shredding company contract


In a relatively short meeting, the Matagorda County Commissioners approved a contract for a new shredding company.

Commissioners approved a new contract with Shred-it during the brief Monday meeting.

“This is just the next step in moving on with Shred-it,” said Matagorda County Attorney Denise Fortenberry. “This is going to save us more money monthly. This is the company that won the county contract.”

In 17 countries and in 170 markets, Shred-it has become the world-standard and industry best practice for information security and workplace privacy.

In the more than 30 years since its inception, Shred-it has developed proprietary technologiesexclusive protocols and practices, and innovative products and services, designed exclusively to protect businesses of any size from the ongoing threats and risks of workplace privacy breaches.

According to county officials, Shred-it is the trusted choice of both small businesses and large organizations, Shred-it is a partner across almost every sector – from government and healthcare, universities and colleges, banks and financial institutions, to police forces, military, and intelligence agencies.

County commissioners also approved a re-plat of Lot 3 in Block 8 of Tier 1 northwest fraction of the Matagorda town site. 

“We have been working with this man now for a couple of months and he has now met all the requirements needed for this approval,” said Matagorda County Precinct 2 Commissioner Kent Pollard.

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