Details for NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE To satisfy

NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE To satisfy landlord's lien. Sale is November 16, 2019, at 5224 Avenue F, Bay City TX starting at 10:00 am. Property will be sold to highest bidder for cash. Cleanup and removal deposit may be required. Seller reserves right to withdraw property from sale. Bidders must sign in at office before sale begins. Property includes contents of spaces of following tenants: All units contain household items unless otherwise noted. Property includes contents of spaces of following tenants: Frances Cortez: Chairs, bar stools, lamp Patricia Flores: Sofa, love seat, chairs, bed frame, tv console, tv Troy Gilbert: Dresser, armoire, bed frame, china cabinet, golf clubs Kelly Langford: Sofa, shelf, stroller, vacuum Sheniqua Lewis: Table and chairs, desk Rebecca Henson: Organ, dresser, lamp, shoe rack, book shelf, tool box Andrew Lee: Old chest Thomas Liles: Totes, Christmas decorations Cody Matteson: Bed frame and mattress Kista Opara: Sofa, chairs, piano, children's clothes Cierra Pedraza: Rustic pantry, desk, chair, toys, baby bed and mattress Courtney Tucker: Loveseat, tires, outdoor deep fryer pot, paddle board, weight bench, refrigerator Kiri Wilson: Table and chairs, lamp, tool box, 4 poster bed Sonny Woodley: Totes Contact Bay City Self Storage at 979-245-0318, Marguerite Ciruti, Manager.


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