The Turquoise Sparrow

“His eye is on the sparrow & I know He watches me.”


The Turquoise Sparrow is a new shop in Bay City offering farmhouse style furniture and décor to its customers.  It is owned by Carol Medina and Nancy Hinton, sisters by birth, but friends by choice. They often worked on projects together for their church and made special items for family members.  Their creativity and hard work ethics were handed down from their father and mother. Their dad, being a carpenter, allowed them access to power tools and hand tools.  He always had time to help build whatever was needed. The ingenuity of their mother constantly stirred the creative juices in both of these ladies.  She often said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”  Their dad often said, “If you’re going to build something, build it right because if you put your name on something, it needs to be good.”

Coming from a close family, Medina and Hinton were devastated when tragedy struck. In 2001, they lost their mother at 82.  A few years later, Hinton’s 39-year-old daughter passed away and the very next year, Medina’s husband of 37 years did not survive a massive heart attack.  Their lives were in a season of overwhelming events.

Medina’s daughter, seeking to give some focus to her mother’s life, came to her saying, “Mom, you’re always painting and re-doing stuff, so why don’t you open up a shop?  It’ll give you something to keep your mind busy.”  Hinton had become much closer than ever during this time and was present when the idea was presented.  She immediately voiced her desire to partner up and take the plunge together.  

So, a business was born.

Much brainstorming went into choosing a name for the business.  One of their favorite Christian song is “His Eye is on the Sparrow” (inspired by scripture).  They both knew that God’s eye was watching over them and seeing them through their hardships and agreed immediately that Sparrow felt right.  One day Hinton was leafing through a magazine and saw a turquoise pumpkin and suggested it be the name of the business.  Medina loved the sound of it but remembered The Sparrow, so they blended the ideas into “The Turquoise Sparrow.”  Brown sparrows are plentiful, but a turquoise one is fancy! 

They decided to build The Turquoise Sparrow’s nest in the Medina building on Avenue M in Bay City.  18 months later the building had been remodeled.  They were ready to open the doors. They tore down fences, built new ones, made signs, wall décor, and shop fixtures. Anything that hit the showroom floor had been improved in some form – 

re-finished, re-furbished, re-built, re-imagined or created from scratch.  A coffee bar emerged from a re-claimed work bench for customers who like to sip as they shop.  

Medina had been a professional photographer for several years and owned a successful studio prior to life’s upheavals.  Hinton said there aren’t many pictures of Medina growing up because she always had a camera in front of her face.  As a result, “The Photo Corner” is part of The Turquoise Sparrow.  Customers can walk in, have a seat and let these ladies do the rest.  They will leave with 10-12 professional images on an SD card and a release to make their prints anywhere. 

Born Bay Citians, they want to give their friends a great place to shop for that one-of-a-kind piece.  They want people to know they can come to The Sparrow for gifts and décor that are built with love and attention to quality and detail.  They strive to make everyone to feel comfortable and at home when they come to shop.  


The sisters’ motto:  “People come in as a customer and leave as a friend.”


Our craft night will be offered the first Thursday of every month where we present useful and decorative items our guests can make. The Turquoise Sparrow provides all the supplies and tools necessary as well as Carol & Nancy’s instruction and assistance. If there is an upcoming holiday, the craft will reflect that. Refreshments are always a part of the night too.

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