History of LeTulle Park


LeTulle Park of Bay City is a 32-acre outdoor attraction where adults and children can go to see wildlife, take a walk, swing on the playground, and host events. Visitors can also play disc golf, fish, read a book, and breath in the fresh air. 

When asked what all can you do at the park, Bay City Parks and Recreation Supervisor Kelly Penewitt said, “Get outdoors and enjoy nature.”

The park is named after Victor L. LeTulle, a local rice farmer, who donated the land for the park to be developed in 1934. The park was renovated in the 1980’s. Prior to the renovation, the park functioned as a baseball field, pavilion, and lake. 

There was a LeTulle Park Restoration Committee that formed in April of 1977 to complete a thorough survey and identify the needs for the park. An aluminum can drive was held to raise funds for the renovations. The Committee also contacted the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to apply for Land and Water Conservation Funds. The renovation work began during the Ernest J. Opella administration.

The park now consists of two lakes, a playground, picnic tables with grills, and an 18-hole disc golf course. There are also two open air pavilions and one enclosed pavilion. These can be rented to host events. Bay City has held events at the park such as the annual Egg Hunt in the spring and Sparks in the Park in July each year.

When near the lake visitors can see the ducks, geese, fish, turtles, and alligators. There are some nocturnal animals such as bobcats and bats, however the park is closed at dusk. Visitors are permitted to feed the ducks and geese, although not permitted to feed the alligators. 

“Feed the ducks and geese duck or chick feed, bread is not good for them,” Penewitt said.

Furry wildlife that can be seen at the park include squirrels and raccoons. LeTulle Park is also home to one of the largest stands of Heritage Oak trees in the state.

The main playground at the park consists of swings and fun attachments for children to climb on. Across the park, there is another swing set. At the rentable pavilions you can host family reunions, parties, barbeques, etc. To fish at the park you are to catch and release while also having a fishing license if over 18 years of age.

There have been numerous improvements to the park over the last five years such as painted pavilions, recycled plastic picnic tables were installed, a redesigned 18-hole disc golf course, a fountain and new enclosed restrooms were installed.

This fall, there will be a significant addition to the park, the new Dreamscape playground. 

“The existing playground will be removed, and the new playground and swings made of mostly recycled plastic will be installed. The playground will be accessible to children of all abilities. The playground was designed to honor Victor LeTulle and the heritage of Bay City, it has barns and a tractor,” Penewitt said.

For more information on how to rent the buildings at the park, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (979) 323-1660.

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